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American-Made Hand Crafts



The pottery shown above is handmade by Butterfield Pottery and they are a synthesis of form, function, and decorative brushwork. The pottery is produced with a historical and cultural reference and with an awareness of contemporary design principles and usefulness in the home.



Eve Devore is a Brooklyn-based fine artist and illustrator with a favorite theme of exploring the human personality. The concept of her art "humanizing owls and owlizing humans" is that we are all wonderfully unique and sometomes we forget to celebrate our individuality. She wants her art to bring a sense of being noticed and emphasize each person's special quirks and qualities.



These coasters can personalized with the name of a college, city, state, favorite saying, etc.



This "Jersey Girl" pillow is a great addition to a young girl's room or to a dorm room. Pillows also can be personalized by state or zip code.


mr&mrsCuttingBoard                   kissthecookboard

These wooden cutting boards from Maple Leaf can be personalized.



These personalized blankets are perfect for gift giving.


Glass-Eye Studio

Glass Eye Studio in Seattle, WA uses ash from the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens in their handmade glass, such as these vases and dish.